Where To Stay In Vietnam?

Vietnam is a country located in Southeast-Asia. It boasts of a wide rangee of accommodation services in various cities and towns. From luxurious hotels to ecolodge places and AirBnb, you are covered. This makes it easy to relax after touring different attraction sites or keep off the city noise. You don’t know where to stay in Vietnam? The list provided below will help you make an informed decision.

Most Common Hotels in Vietnam
There are many factors to consider before you settle for the hotel of your choice. These could include:
· Affordability
· Elegance
· Staff etiquette

Tam Coc Garden Resort

This is a modern and posh hotel located at Hai Nham Hamlet, Ninh Bnh in Vietnam. It is surrounded by rice paddy plantations. The environment is serene for accommodation. Clean, silent and has uncompromised accommodation services.

The Scarlet Boutique Hotel

It is strategically located at Ben Nghe Street, Hue. There is an airport running from the hotel, making conveyance fast. It offers wireless internet for the bookers. You benefit from very affordable prices for the awesome services offered. You can book on the hotel’s website.

Hanoi La Siesta Central Hotel & Spa

This hotel is situated at 1B Cau Go Street, Hanoi. There is an on-site restaurant catering for international and Vietnamese cookery. You can be accommodated to your satisfaction. Ecotourism in Vietnam can make you decide to find some convenient ecolodge places. A trip with an organisation which has a better social and environment record is what you probably yearn for. Learn the best ecolodge places in Vietnam down here.

Topas Ecolodge Sapa

The ecolodge is situated at Sapa town in North Vietnam. A very beautiful scenery inside the mountains of Hoang Lien Game Park. It is a perfect place for being accommodated after a hike or from any other activity.

Green Organic Villas

It is a luxurious eco hotel at Phan Thiet. It is a serene place to relax and get a view on ocean and swim in Thanh beach. Great dining is fostered here. Sea foods and other types of cuisine are offered. The lodge has won Traveller’s Choice Winner from 2015 – 2017.

Mai Chau Ecolodge

Located at Na Thia Village, it is an ideal place for your accommodation. There is a tour desk which basically caters for your ecotourism needs. Presence of an airport shuttle makes it a better place for ease in transport to and from the lodge.

You can get all your Hospitality needs online in Vietnam through AirBnb in Vietnam. You can look for accommodation service by filling in your accommodation type, date and location.

Spacious and comfortable Home

This great place is sourced from Airbnb. It is at Hanoi, Vietnam. Your accommodation gets amazing after landing into the pimped living room. The bedroom is upstairs, where you get to sleep in a peaceful environment.

Live amongst the trees

The Airbnb tree house is located in Hanoi. The staff is highly experienced and will provided you with some tea or …

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Ecotourism in Vietnam Guide and Destinations

Vietnam is the easternmost state of the Indochina peninsula in Southeast Asia. Ecotourism in Vietnam has slowly realized the traveller’s imagination, as it offers a variety of diverse natural areas and clean places to choose from. One of the foundations of ecotourism is engaging local people in conservation efforts. Many trips to eco-tourism include a strong educational component and can encourage or plan for green transportation options such as hiking, cycling and nonmotorized water transport. If you just feel like relaxing and chilling with the locals, you will be amazed by their hospitality and generosity. Take some time to visit local markets or hang out in local pubs.  Make sure you gather some tips for choosing pubs  and check out the markets available in the area you’ll be staying at. Here is my Ecotourism in Vietnam Guide and Destinations, I truly recommend you to visit the followings :

Cat Tien National Park
This landscape of tropical lowland forests with an area of  72,000 hectares is one of the most valuable national treasures in the country. Enjoy hiking, mountain biking and strolling through the National Park, one of the best places to see birds and watch wildlife in South Vietnam. Visits to this National Park are popular, so booking is recommended. The National Park in Kat-Tien is one of the best areas of the country for birds and evergreen forests. Bicycles, jeeps and guides can be rented to make sure you do not miss anything. The magnificent city of Tai Nin is the centre of Cao Taoism, with the famous and unreasonable Cao Dai Temple part. 

Cuc Phuong National Park
The National Phuong National Park is renowned for its biodiversity and is a centre for scientific research. Located in northern Vietnam, you can go on a two day stroll, where you can enjoy an eco-friendly design to reach the river road to Hanoi. This is really a number with a good experience. The large northeastern edge of large-scale karstic limestone is a continuation of a limestone group extending from Kok Fung National Park to Son La Province. The proposed reserve ranges between 60 and 1,667 meters.

Pu Luong Nature Reserve
Pu Luong Nature Reserve is a region of great beauty, stretching from the northwest to the southeast of Vietnam. You can follow the rest on many tracks, and as usual, you will be welcomed in the many villages you will find along the way, and even enjoy the night.

Ba Be Lake
Ba Be Lake is the largest natural lake in Vietnam. This is a fantastic moment you cannot miss in Vietnam Tours. Ba Lake is located in the centre of limestone, in Nam Nam Mao, Pak Bachen district, Pakan province, in the northeast region on the travel map of Vietnam. With a good road condition, it only takes 5.5 hours by car from Hanoi to get there. Thanks to its special geological structure, the lake has unique, original features compared to other world-class lakes. Lakes Custer is empty or only …

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Discover Halong Bay, Vietnam

The other day someone asked me why I chose Halong Bay, Vietnam as my vacation destination? This person, Jack, is a travel enthusiast and he thought I had missed the point by traveling to Halong Bay. Looking back I feel the boot was on the other foot; it’s him and many others who don’t really know what this fascinating bay has to offer who miss the point.

So why did I chose this destination? For one, this is a designated World Heritage site and the reasons for that are many and compelling. From towering limestone pillars, the wave-eroded grottoes to the ethereal beauty it’s no wonder that this location is the country’s number one tourist destination. But these are not the only reasons that would make anyone want to visit this part of Vietnam. Think of the endless list of attractions and things to do in Halong Bay and you quickly agree with me that this is one place worth a visit. The attractions cover mind-blowing natural wonders and manmade features and things to do. Sample the following:

The grottoes
It’s only in Halong Bay that you’ll experience the world’s largest cave among other equally majestic cave systems. Yes, the Hang Son Doong is located here. The beauty inside these gigantic chambers is surreal. You can imagine the feeling of I got inside the more than three-mile long and 200 meters main tavern that is big enough to accommodate a complete New York City block. The eco-system inside this grotto is unique and even has its own weather system.

An excursion to Cat Ba Archipelago
Within the 367 islands in this archipelago, you get Cat Ba island home impressive natural beauty. If you love trekking like I do then you test your shoes and muscles at Cat BA National Park, it’s a perfect place for climbing and trekking. Kayaking and Scuba Diving For water enthusiasts, this bay has plenty to offer. The calm tides and blue waters are ideal for padding from one limestone outcrop to the next and even through caves. The good thing is that most tour packages have kayaking as part of the package. For underwater expeditions why not try scuba diving and snorkeling in the waters of Holang Bay? You’ll love it.

The floating villages
It was quite an experience visiting the floating villages of this bay. I’d read about these four villages Ba Hang, Cong Dam, Vung Vieng and Cua Van but I really wanted to go and experience life there first hand. It’s amazing how these friendly people cook, wash, learn and even work on a boat. Visiting these villages was a humbling and fascinating experience.

A trip to the beach
This gives one a great sun-bathing experience. Lying there on the sand one gets a beautiful view of the bay. The notable beaches you can visit include Tiptop, Chau, Soi Sim , and Ba Trai. But note that you can’t visit the beaches alone so you need to get a tour that includes …

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